Friday, November 20, 2015

7th pay commission Pay Calculator online latest

This calculator is  based on 7th pay commission recommendation submitted to the  Indian gov on 19th Nov 2015. .
Here you know how much your basic salary will be after implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendation.

Here is the online free simple calculator, which will give you approx new  basic pay. After implementation 7th pay commsion reccomendation, there will be no grade pay. You will get only basic pay and other allowances and DA but no grade pay as per recommendation. 

You just need to give the input as your current basic pay and grade pay (as per 6th pay commission). Suppose your this month's salary basic pay is Rs 23,000 and grade pay is Rs 6,600, just give the input in the field below and click on calculate button, you will get the projected basic plus grade pay after implementation.

Basic Pay: Grade pay:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

download the full report of reccomendation

You can download the full original report in pdf format at . In this doc, all the exact information about recommended hike in salary given.

quick updates

You can download the full original report in pdf format at . In this doc, all the exact information about recommended hike in salary given

Sunday, November 8, 2015

When to expect first salary of 7th pay commission

If you are central gov employee and if you think that  you will get hiked salary on January 2016 month end because of 7th pay commission recommendation, you are wrong. Even if 7th pay commission recommendation will be implemented from Jan 2016, it will be implemented only after appoval and notification from central Gov.

7th pay commisson will submit the recommedation to the Central Government of India. The last date for subbimmission for report is 31st Dec 2015. Once Gov will receive the recommendation, Government  will review the fulll recommendation thoroughly . Reviewing the 7th pay commission recommendation will take some month.

If Gov will act fast, it may issue notification in April, 2016. After notification, all central gov employee and pensioner will get new salary and pension. Employee and pensioner will also get arrears which comes from the calculation of implemented pay from Jan 2016.

If you see previous recommendation i.e. 6th pay commission, central gov had taken lot of time  to implement. 6th pay commission recommended first salary came in year around 2008. Of course, people got the arrears from Jan 2006 along with first salary of 6th pay commission recommended pay.

First salary expected date of 7th  pay commsion depends on two factor

1. Will 7th pay commission submit report in time (i.e. before 31st dec 2015)?
2. How much time will central Gov take to review the 7th pay commission recommendation and  issue notification ?

 By observing previous trends, i can say first hiked salary from 7th pay commission recommendation will come after Oct 2016 most probably.