Saturday, May 11, 2013

Seventh Pay commission Pay Scale (expected)

Here is the expected pay scale of 7th Pay commission, it is based on previous recommendations of pay commission.

In Previous pay commission, each one recommend almost 3 times pay of previous pay commission.

So in next pay commission, you can expect 3 times of basic+grade pay as next basic pay+grade pay, and DA will be zero at time of implementation. Suppose your current basic pay is 19,000 Rs and grade pay is 5400 rs. So in seventh pay your basic pay +grade pay will be approx 73,200 Rs and DA will start from zero at the time of implementation of 7th pay commission.
Here is the expected pay scale for each pay band of sixth pay commission.

Seventh Pay Commission in JAN 2016

Government of India on 23th April, 2013 clearly said that, Indian Government will not form 7th Pay Commission till 01.01. 2016.

In the response of question about 7th pay commission,  Government said that it will constitute 7th pay commission only after 01.01.2016. The reason given was 6th pay commission was formed on 01.01.2006 and there should be a gap of minimum 10 year for next pay commission.

If after next general election in 2014, Gov changes, there may be possibility of early set up of 7th pay Commission.

Once seventh pay commission will get set up, it will take around two year to get final recommendation approved by Indian Government.