Friday, May 27, 2016

7th Pay scale for Niyojit Teachers & Panchayat teacher of Bihar

As per latest expected modification in 7th pay commission report, minimum salary for any employees (including teachers) will be  Rs 24,000 per month ( expected).

Right now only trained Teachers are getting basic pay with grade pay (as per 6th pay commission report).  Niyojit Teachers & Panchayat teacher of Bihar who are untrained Teachers are not getting grade pay (as per 6th pay commission report).

In 7th pay commission report, concept of grade pay is removed. 

The best way to know the expected salary after 7th pay commission implementation is, you should multiply 2.52 in your current Basic Pay+ Grade Pay.  You will get rough idea of expected salary.

Any teacher, Niyojit Teachers or Panchayat teacher, trained or untrained teacher should expect a minimum salary of Rs 24000 per month ( only if Bihar Gov will follow 7th pay commission recommendation exactly).

If Bihar Government will follow the 7th pay commission recommendation, here is the most expected salary of teachers ( Niyojit Teachers & Panchayat teacher) of Bihar:

1. Primary School, untrained teacher- Rs 24000 to Rs 26000 per month.
2. Primary School, trained teacher - Rs 25000 to Rs 27000 per month.

3. Middle School, untrained teacher- Rs 25000 to Rs 26000 per month.
4.Middle School, trained teacher- Rs 27000 to Rs 30000 per month.

5. High School, untrained teacher- Rs 26000 to Rs 27000 per month.
6. High School, trained teacher- Rs 30000 to Rs 34000 per month.

If Bihar government will not count grade pay, expected salary of untrained teacher will less then above by around Rs 5000. Most probably trained teacher will get grade pay salary only after 2 year of training.

Above salary figure are only expected one, actual salary may be different after 7th pay commission recommendation implementation in Bihar. 

7th Pay commission for Bihar state Gov employees.

Bihar state government employees can expect salary hike as per 7th pay commission recommendation in October 2016. Bihar state government is very fast in implementation of increase in salary of Bihar government as par with central gov employees pay.

If  for central gov. employees 7th pay commission is recommended in July, 2016. It is expected that, Bihar Gov. will take around 3 month to implement the 7th pay commission for state gov. employees. So Bihar state Gov. employees will expected to get hiked salary in around October, 2016. The above date is only expectation, actual implementation date can be different for Bihar as well as for central Gov employees.

Urgent: 7th pay commission report approval in June 2016 expeted

Good News for central Gov. Employees.... . The long wait is over, In June  2016 last week, central government employees can expect good news about implementation of 7th pay commission report. As per Zee news web page, Finance ministry is likely to put 7th pay commission report for approval to cabinet in the last week of June, 2016.

If every thing go well, cabinet will approve the recommendation. After approval from cabinet, only in few day  notification will be issued for implementation of 7th Pay commission recommendation. After notification, you will start getting hiked salary. You will also get the arrears.