Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Finally 7th pay Commission Announced by Government

Here is the good news for all Gov. Employees. Prime minister of India  approved the constitution of the 7th Pay Commission. Now it is sure that all central government  employee will get hiked salary as per the recommendation from 7th pay Commission with effect from 1st Jan 2016 (01.01.2016). i.e now only for 27 month you will get salary as per 5th pay commission.

It is expected that more than 50 Lakh Central Gov employee and 30 lakh  pensioners  will get benefited from 7th pay commission.

Expected hike in salary will be around 50% of what you are getting now.

Name of Chairperson and committee member of 7th pay commission will soon be announced from Finance ministry.The committee will study the current pay structure and will evaluate how much salary should be increased for comfortable life of central Gov employee and will give the recommendation to Finance minister. Finace minister will impliment the recommendation with or without the modification.

It is expected that 7th pay commission will give its recommendation in 2 year. Gov. may take one more year to implement it. But it is for sure that salary hike will be effective from 1st Jan 2016.

Once the 7th pay commission will be implemented, all state Gov will soon upgrade the pay to state Gov employee as per 7th pay commission recommendation.


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